Ms. Woodard is a very dedicated therapist! My daughter had her as a speech therapist and ended up making GREAT strides thanks to Rebekah's help! I am so grateful my daughter had her as a speech therapist!


Ms. Woodard is the most caring, thoughtful and personable therapist my son has ever had. Not only did she tend to his needs and goals, she also supported us as a family unit. Having a child with a speech delay can be tough, but Ms. Woodard always encouraged us when times got tough and celebrated with us when our son reached his goals. I highly recommend!!!


Rebekah was our therapist for over a year and we hated to lose her when our daughter started services with the schools! She truly cared about her as a person and not just a client. She made so much progress with Rebekah's help and I learned so much about how to communicate with her!